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Hamilton: 905 574-9344
Haldimand Norfolk: 1 844 574-9344 
Halton: 289 288-0059

2020 VISION:

Here are five ways Today’s Family will Embrace the Future by the year 2020

1. We will invest in our most precious asset: Our People

2. We will renew our focus on our Culture and Values

3. Our Creativity and Passion for Excellence will be the foundation of our future success

4. We will capitalize on Opportunities in our communities

5. Succession Planning will provide opportunities and effective leadership for many years to come

Embracing the Future,
Today’s Family is investing in our most precious asset: Our People!

It’s true: our people are more valuable than diamonds. In order to attract and retain the very best staff, we need to ensure we offer them the very best opportunities for growth, fair compensation, solid leadership, and career satisfaction that’s second to none. We already have a great team; we want it to be greater still.

To achieve our goals: We will…

  • Continue on our current path of building on our Human Resources management processes and policies
  • Offer flexible work arrangements
  • Develop a successful recruiting program
  • Provide valuable professional development, including more leadership training
  • Develop creative approaches to bolster fair and equitable compensation structures (it’s more than simply an issue of ‘more money’)
  • Design Human Resources plans that will identify future staffing requirements in an effort to meet the needs head-on

Embracing the Future,
Today’s Family is renewing its focus
on our Culture and Values. 

In times of change and disruption, it is easy to be distracted and forget what matters most. We are committed to renewing our focus on directing the organization, with our culture and values at the forefront.

We will also ensure that our values align with the future Vision and Mission of the organization as established by the Board of Directors.

Our Culture is:

  • Based on mutual respect
  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • All about ‘the team’
  • Reflective Fun (yes, that’s really important!)
  • Welcoming / Inclusive
  • One that instills – and also thrives – on confidence

Embracing the Future,
we believe our Creativity and
Passion for Excellence will be
the foundation of our continued success.

Our reputation has been built on quality and innovation in everything we do. We know that early learning and child care is changing very quickly, and we need to lead that change and continually innovate not only to compete and stay relevant, but to remain at the forefront.

To achieve our goals:

  • We will measure our results, and the findings that we develop will give us insights thereby helping us identify new opportunities so that we may continue to improve as an organization
  • We will design effective communication systems both for our internal needs and in order to provide timely information to our communities
  • We will implement technology and systems that will improve our operations, including enhancing connectivity among the children, families and our staff

Embracing the Future,
Today’s Family is capitalizing
on Opportunities in our communities.

An entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA and we want to bolster this core value. As both our sector and communities evolve, we need to be at the forefront of change, identifying new opportunities to best serve our current and future children, families, staff and providers.

To achieve our goals, we will:

  • Continually evaluate our current services so we can enhance the early learning experience
  • Strengthen our visibility in the early learning and child care sector with our partners, letting them know either that we’re ready to provide leadership in enhancing programs, or that we’re designing ones that are better than ever!
  • Ensure we continually determine potential risks and maintain caution in evaluating any and all opportunities presented to us
  • Ensure we have the competence, confidence and infrastructure in place to take on new challenges
  • Formalize processes within the Senior Management Team that will enable us to capitalize on prospective opportunities as they arise

Embracing the Future,
Today’s Family will prioritize Succession Planning,
thereby providing opportunities and
effective leadership for many years to come.

Our overall objective is to continue to develop our future leaders while ensuring the enhancement and smooth transition of senior management responsibilities.

To achieve our goals, we:

  • Have re-designed our senior team and will continually develop our collective synergy
  • Will continue to provide leadership training using the resources of external specialists
  • Will offer staff the opportunity to be leaders in the communities they serve
  • Will continually provide the team with new challenges
  • Will always seek to be inspiring!

Our guiding principles.

Today’s Family is embracing Collaboration.

Working in partnership with organizations across our community and throughout the province, we embrace collaboration.

We believe in the power of partnership, and collaboration is a strategic imperative which broadens our resources and magnifies our impact when it comes to children, families and our staff.

More than that, by embracing collaboration, we celebrate the fact that, together, we can accomplish so much more. Indeed, none of us is as strong or smart as all of us.

Today’s Family is embracing Innovation.

Celebrating change, we embrace innovation and the positive developments that come as a result.

Growing to meet the needs of children and their families, we are ready and willing to take the path less travelled knowing it will lead to breakthroughs and discoveries.

Constantly improving, we are always looking for creative ways to raise the bar and further raise expectations.

Today’s Family is embracing Caring.

Caring is the essence of who we are. It’s reflected in every aspect of what we think and do.

By embracing caring, we care not only for children and their families, but also for our staff, our providers, our community, and our environment.

Today’s Family is embracing Accountability.

Serving children and their families is our primary responsibility and it’s one we take seriously.

Ensuring people are nurtured and respected is not only our calling, it’s our privilege.

Embracing accountability means providing high-quality, evidence-based programs and services.

Our child-based approach builds on the distinct needs and interests of each and every child in our care. It creates a firm foundation for early learning from which healthy, productive lives will take root and grow.

Today’s Family is embracing the future!

Tomorrow is calling, and we will be among the first to answer.

Embracing the future means embracing hope and imagining a world of infinite possibilities.

With every smile, with every encouraging word and with every hug, the promise of a greater tomorrow continues to grow.

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